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Soft1 Retail Studio

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Δείγμα βασικής οθόνης του συστήματος Soft1 Retail Pro

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Soft1 Retail Sales Systems ( POS ).

Soft1 Retail Pro is a specialized solution that effectively meets the increased operating requirements of every modern retail and intensive retail business, including individual stores, shop-in-shops, chain stores, franchise networks or mixed business companies. The special design and the friendly working environment of Soft1 Retail Pro, ensure the smooth and fully efficient operation of your store, helping you to offer every time, an impressive shopping experience and service to your customers.

With a modern touch screen that incorporates a variety of management tasks and is configured according to the special needs of the operator, Soft1 Retail Pro simplifies the operation of the cash register and offers security and speed of transactions, putting an end to the complexity or endless queues.

Fully integrated with existing equipment on the market (cash registers, tax printers, barcode scanners, credit card machines and weighing systems), the SoftOne solution ideally serves the specific operating requirements of each retail store, allowing you to say more and succeed.

Soft1 Retail Pro can be integrated into any Soft1 Series 5 installation (on-premise or cloud), enabling you to automate both the Front and Back Store operations of your business. From the operation of stores and cash registers, CRM management and marketing actions to the management of inventories, orders and financial operations.


  • Cashier management (opening-closing)
  • Monitoring orders & advances
  • Issuance of gift change cards
  • Payment management (cash, credit cards, gift vouchers)
  • Credit card machine interface (EDPS & CARDLINK)
  • Bonus Card Management (Loyalty Programs)
  • Ability to choose a screen theme (for left-handed or right-handed)
  • Custom options menu
  • Online & Offline function
  • Manage ordering
  • Check item prices
  • Monitor & record incomplete transactions

  • Ideally complementing itbusiness software Soft1, Soft1 Retail Studio easily adapts to your particular needs and requirements, contributing substantially to your business sales.

    • Characteristics - Benefits

      • Easy to connect with Soft1 ERP
      • Support peripherals
      • Compatibility with existing equipment
      • Support all payment methods
      • Unified credit card management
      • Automatic price update
      • Ability to record transactions on video
      • Closing a box with complete information
      • Ability to choose online, off-line or mixed mode
      • Automatic data exchange between stores
      • Program support loyalty card


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