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Computerized Business:

ManiSoft capitalizes on the long professional experience of its manpower in order to undertake the analysis, design-development and further maintenance of complex information systems at software and hardware level.

We undertake customized software design-development to meet customer-specific needs either as independent external developers or ManiSoft's technicians can work on-site at the customer's premises and cooperate closely with the customer's personnel.

ManiSoft's experienced and specialized technicians operate firstly as customer consultants and secondly as suppliers, developers and information system maintenance providers.

Our main goal is not only to supply the customer with a good and financially sound IT solution but to also suggest a solution that fully meets customer needs, in addition to providing continuous support with the maximum degree of performance for the customer in the future.

In addition, we provide full Internet solutions with the design-construction of professional static and dynamic, e-commerce and other types of Websites, e-shops ..

In order to meet the above goals, the company uses cutting edge technology and develops MS.NET 2019,  MS SQL SERVER 2019 & Oracle based applications, Java script, asp, php, HTML5 ..

We undertake the preparation of procurement studies for integrated information systems and the installation of such systems on networks ( LAN, VPN ) as well as their linking to various electronic systems (weighting devices, gauges, cameras, etc.).

As a result of the long professional experience of its manpower in IT organization of large Greek enterprises, the company provides corporate computerization – IT organization services (since 2011) in cooperation with the leading Greek general commercial software development (ERP) firm SoftOne (www.softone.gr), the products of which we sell and support fully.

When buying and installing new computerization equipment (third-party hardware or software), our company undertakes the endeavor exclusively in the capacity of a customer representative and with customer funding. At ManiSoft we believe that our responsibilities include providing consultation onthe purchase or not of hardware on the basis of suitability and optimum performance in terms of performance value. The customer is required to take these recommendations under consideration solely for the purpose of avoiding incompatibility issues or low quality performance with ManiSoft and SoftOne applications.