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Integrated solutions for ManiSoft computerization of companies with the world's largesthardware and software from Greek companies that are among the leading software companies.

* ERP with SoftOne sa.
Certified Partners and Authorized Representatives of the leading Greek General Software Development Company (ERP) SoftOne Technologies sa (www.softone.gr) we have in the Greek market all of its systems that we fully support as ManiSoft. Learn more »

* Retail with SoftOne sa - iQom ( POS ).
Innovative software from SoftOne and iQom ( www.iqom.gr ) ideal for retail outlets fully autonomous but inetroperable with all Known ERPs in the markets.Learn more »

* Electronic equipment.
The computer solutions provided by ManiSoft are complemented by the best of the best home electronics products at the most competitive prices.

* Computer Services by ManiSoft.
The computerized solutions described above are complemented by the experience of our executives and become complete and competitive solutions tailored to our client's needs. Learn more »

Retail Sales Equipment by ManiSoftERP via ManiSoft