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IT Systems


WinFleet application
IT system for leasing.

ManiSoft’s new core product whose initial version is used by a leasing subsidiary of a large, well-known foreign bank.
IT system suitable for Financial, Operating, Commercial Real Estate & Industrial Real Estate Leasing.
It is an application with Client-Server architecture which will soon be available from its creators for Wide Area Networks using the Microsoft Web Services and Web Server (IIS).
The analysis, design and the development of WinLease system has been developed by ManiSoft from scratch.
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Fleet managment system - application
IT system for fleet management.
A new application using Microsoft Web Services technology.
Suitable for Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).
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Optimise the usage of raw materials during order-based production for aluminium and iron structures.
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Customized applications
Using the extensive professional experience of its executives ManiSoft is well poised to undertake the design and development of complex applications to meet the needs of specific clients using the most cutting-edge technological tools available.
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