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Security Systems

Outdoor Camera day-night

Outdoor IP Camera day - night

wireless alarm system

ManiSoft takes advantage the long term professional experience of its staff in the field of digital technology is now extending the area of ​​control and safety facilities (commercial and residential).

We use products of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. With these products we offer a wide  range of wired and wireless solutions, analog and digital technology. So we can offer to our customers  the most excellent solutions at the lower  costs.

Utilizing digital technology we provide at low cost to the end user and the ability to control the site through cameras from anywhere in the world .., using a computer, tablet PC, iPad or through a mobile phone.

Having ruled out all kinds of  fake alarms, our alarm system automatically notifies you via phone. Simultaneously notifies any other phone  or any security device you prefer with a  pre-recorded voice message.

We provide solutions for outdoor and indoor (homes, businesses, houses within farms, solar farms, ..)..

Our experienced technicians and ManiSoft employees first act as advisors to the client and then as suppliers, installers and maintainers of the security systems.

Our main goal is not simply to supply the customer with a good and economical security solution but the one that meet exactly his  needs and budgets.

Also, with the continuous maintenance we ensure that we offer to our customers maximum security..