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ManiSoft is chiefly an IT services provider. These services include IT services offered by our specialized and very experienced people in numerous IT sectors, including: Consulting services and feasibility studies on issues related to corporate computerization – IT organization, software development and information systems in general. Software development and computer network services. Training services specializing in IT issues.

All these services are not included in a specific service price list, since the cost is determined in various ways. The simplest way of determining cost is based on an hourly rate for services. Hourly rates for services and man-months comprise the basis for further determination of the cost for services and software products.

With regard to SoftOne systems, represented by our firm, items are charged as per the general SoftOne pricelist with an added value of ManiSoft services, if any, which are charged on a case by case basis, based on the SoftOne pricelist instructions (www.softone.gr) related to product support.

WinLease & WinFleet systems are parameter-based systems, but comprise a specific solution for each customer, that meets their specific needs. Therefore, there is not a suggested initial price. Their final price is shaped in agreement with the customer and depends on the volume and complexity of the specialized needs of the particular implementation.

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