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Full solution by SoftOne - Prosvasis via ManiSoft

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Accounting Offices - Prosvasis Business Suite One Core .

management of the accounting functions of any business or accounting firm which has hundreds of clients - companies of all kinds. It not only manages but is also a source of information of legal and tax content. It is offered for operation with a number of combinations of subsystems depending on the needs of the customer

Freelancers - ProsvasisGO. A new era for the self-employed and very small businesses is ProsvasiGO which is available in four versions Start - Pace - Run - Grow from 4 to 15 Euros per month with an annual charge or from 6 to 18 Euros per month with a monthly charge. ProsvasiGO is a pioneering commercial web management information type. With a cloud-based database, the customer only needs to have an internet-connected computer and a printer. If he wants to issue retail receipts, he must also have a tax mechanism. All documents automatically inform AADE-Tax Office.

ProsvasisGO version Grow. Issuance of Electronic Invoices Sending the documents and by email Tax withholding Copying of documents Project Management Customer / Supplier Management Unlimited number of Transactions Unlimited number of Import & Export Documents Management Services Receipts Exports Receipts & Payments Receipts Purchases Warehouse management Items - services Connection with the accounting office Connection with the myData platform of A.A.D.E. Ability to approve access to the accountant Interface with EAFDS Calendar Meeting Management Calls Operations management tras ** Fintech Web SMS Branches

Most of the business features of ProsvasiGO are available in the Grow version which is recommended. ProsvasisGO - Grow

Soft120 - for small businesses - SoftOne. SoftOne proposal for small businesses or for companies with non-complex computer needs. Many Companies together. Warehouse - Inventory Management (Two Warehouses), Branches / Sites, Customer and Supplier Management, Sales and Ordering, Retail Management - Retail, POS & Retail Systems, Purchases and Ordering, Receipts - Payments, Securities - Securities, Special Debts Meeting Management, Free Fields & Additions.

Soft120 Indefinite Time costs 1.000 Euros and for the new versions the cost is 200 Euros per year OR for the use of fixed time 400 Euros per year.

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