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Το καλύτερο και πιο ευέλικτο ERP στην αγορά

The best and most flexible ERP on the market from the leading Greek company manufacturing general trading software (ERP) SoftOne Technologies sa (www.softone.gr)( www.softone.gr ) .

SoftOne systems are built with state-of-the-art technology developed inside it, allowing the affiliate dealer or end-user the ability to modify or extend these systems to meet the needs of the customer.

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SoftOneapplications are connected to a number of peripheral devices such as weighing devices, counters, inventory, ordering and car pricing, ...

They can also connect with third-party applications even online and with mobile applications and of course with Web applications and e-shops ...

They have long been adapted for their online connection to the Tax Office whenever it begins.

Leading SoftOne offers its systems to its customers in many ways:
* by purchasing indefinite use rights
* with annual use of service (SaaS)
* by deploying cloud-based features (the client is not charged for the purchase and maintenance of expensive servers).

ManiSoft's experienced and experienced technical consultants are ready to offer all the above services so that total IT services meet exactly the customer's needs at the lowest possible cost.

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